Naji Al-Ali

    Naji Al-Ali was born in 1938, in Al-Shajara, a village that lies between Tiberias and Nazareth. In 1948, he moved with his family to Lebanon as a refugee. He lived in Ein El-Helweh Refugee Camp near Sidon, where he studied at an UNRWA school, then moved to UNRWA Siblin Community College, also close to Sidon, and graduated in drawing because of his unique talent. In the early seventies, he published his cartoons in Al-Muharrer Lebanese newspaper. He later worked at Al-Watan Kuwaiti newspaper. He moved back to Lebanon and worked at Al-Safir newspaper. Following the Israeli Invasion to Lebanon in 1982, he returned to Kuwait and worked for Al-Qabas, then moved to London in 1984, and continued to work for the International Edition of Al-Qabas. On 22 July 1987, Naji Al-Ali was shot on London streets; he died thirty-eight days later. Naji Al-Ali is a Palestinian plastic artist who dedicated his art fully for his subject. Throughout years, he succeeded in establishing his own style, which later became a school on its own, not only at the Palestinian or at Arab levels, but also at the international level.


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