Students works

    Naji Al-Ali

    Naji Al-Ali was born in 1938, in Al-Shajara, a village that lies between Tiberias and Nazareth. In 1948, he moved with his family to Lebanon as a refugee. He lived in Ein El-Helweh Refugee Camp near Sidon, where he studied at an UNRWA school, then moved to UNRWA Siblin Community College, also close to Sidon, and graduated in drawing because of his unique talent. In the early seventies, he published his cartoons in Al-Muharrer Lebanese newspaper. He later worked at Al-Watan Kuwaiti newspaper. He moved back to Lebanon and worked at Al-Safir newspaper.

    Suliman Mansour

    Suliman Mansour is one of the leading Palestinian artists. Born in 1947 in Birzeit, Mansour’s formal academic education was at the Bezallel Art Academy in Jerusalem. He is a co-founder of the Wasiti Art Center in Jerusalem (Now director of the Center). He is also a member of the “New Vision” artist group, which focuses on the use of local material in artwork. Mansour is a cartoonist, art instructor, and author of two books on Palestinian folklore. Since 1975 his work has been exhibited in Palestine, Israel, the US, Japan, and Korea and many other Arab and European countries. He was head of the League of Palestinian Artists for four years. He also participated in the French Palestinian spring exhibit at the Paris Institut du Monde Arabe in 1997. He won the ‘Nile award” at the 1998 Cairo Biennial for his series of clay panels “I am Ismail”, and the Palestine Prize for the Visual arts in 1998.

    This section introduces the outcomes of 3DVM training where students present their projects in curatorial research and exhibition space-design.


    يقدم هذا القسم مقترحات مشاريع للطلاب الذين يشاركون في برامج التدريب حيث يقدمون  دراسة حول تطوير أفكار لمعارض فنية لانتاجها  في متحف جامعة بيرزيت.

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